Integral medicine

I believe that it is in everyone’s interests to have integrated medicine in which holistic medicine, regular medicine and all global medical approaches help us to support our self-healing capacity.


  1. To exchange our experiences and knowledge with each other and to search for the best (combination) of treatments for the individual client.
  2. To positively influence the number of chronic, often epidemic, diseases, so that hospital admissions, medicines, operations, treatments and human suffering can be prevented as much as possible.

“One therapy is no better than the other. It’s about which one suits you best! “

Thanks to the many forms of therapy, I, as an integral health counselor, help you to make your personal choice. One therapy is no better than the other. An effective treatment, therapy, exercise or method can be used temporarily to support your healing process. For this we look together for the best combination of treatments. You choose from the very best of all worlds and that is always what you trust.

Heal yourself from within