Lifestyle coaching XXL

Hi Karin, I need your personal help because I:

  • regularly suffer from constipation or diarrhea
  • suffer from a bloated feeling, flatulence and farmers
  • have pain in my joints
  • I often feel tired and lifeless
  • regularly have a dull feeling in my head
  • often have stomach pains and cramps
  • I get irritated quickly and worry a lot
  • difficult to sleep, restless sleep and have trouble getting up
  • regularly stressed out and aggressive
  • feel stiff and difficult to move
  • get injuries easily
  • be out of breath quickly
  • wear lenses or glasses and my eyes have deteriorated with every check
  • I find it increasingly difficult to understand people and to follow conversations
  • be forgetful
  • I feel sad and depressed;

Where are your complaints coming from?

Together we discover the causes of your diseases or complaints. We will identify the culprits within your lifestyle one by one. This will give us the opportunity to find any underlying causes.

Together we’ll make a plan of action to tackle your stressors step by step. Some stressors can be easily and quickly resolved, others can take a little longer. This depends on the type and degree of stress and the speed at which change takes place.

You will learn by being curious to inquire everything. By doing you discover! By doing it repeatedly you will become wise!

To make behavioral changes 100% successful, you will receive plenty of inspiration, knowledge and skills to learn healthy habits.

Get inspired

As a coach, I want to play a crucial role in changing healthcare. You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to find your way to health and happiness. That is why I am a type of coach for you who inspires you not to do what I say, but to do what I and many have done with me. We have unlearned our unhealthy habits and developed healing habits.

Scientia potentia est

I explain to you why the body is a healing machine and that you can take care of it yourself. I share innovative knowledge and ancient wisdom with you, so that you reach your optimum level of health and vitality.

You will receive information about all possible causes of chronic, often epidemic, diseases. You will discover fascinating details about all of the influenceable factors that raise your awareness. You’ll learn why unhealthy habits are difficult to change. I will provide the necessary basic knowledge about the functioning of our body and our brain.

I will give you the information needed to learn about all healing methods that support your self-healing capacity. These methods are scientifically substantiated or have proven themselves in practice.

Learn new skills

With knowledge and insight you will be able to consciously choose other habits until they become automatic patterns in your life. Also you will be able to break through limiting, negative and stuck habits and instead develop healing habits that your body needs to recover. You’ll put everything you have learned into practice on a daily basis, so that it becomes automatic to you. Every time you will learn and implement new skills so that you make your immune system stronger, step by step. Chronic inflammations will no longer have a chance to arise.

As a VIP you continuously receive my support in your healing process.

Invest in your health, contact us