How to recover from chronic illnesses and complaints with the holistic health model

As a personal lifestyle coach I support you in researching your total life. I use this holistic approach because we will undoubtedly miss things. That is why within the “Heal yourself from within” program I work systematically according to the Happy Habits holistic health model (see figure). Within this lifestyle model all your habits are viewed from four quadrants.

  1. Inner self
  2. Relationships
  3. Environment
  4. Behaviour

If you are willing to change your habits, you can improve your health

In order to change habits, I make you aware of how your habits influence your life. Behind our habits lies our thinking and our beliefs. Unfortunately many beliefs are unconscious. These are the so-called programmed beliefs. Through knowledge and insight into influenceable factors you become inspired and motivated to change your harmful habits. We view all your habits. We examine food, mindset and harmful substances holistically from your inner self, your relationships, your environment and your behaviour.

How does your inner life affect your health?

How is the relationship with yourself? What events have taken place in your life? What are your beliefs, which thoughts and emotions play a role?

Are you aware of the influence of your relationships on your health?

What is the dynamics of your relationships with others? For example, a religion, way of life or a belief of a group of people, collective beliefs. They can all influence your behaviour within your relationships.

What can you change about your environment to combat diseases and complaints?

In addition, we review the influence of your external living environment in which you find yourself. Which systems do you use? Think of communication technologies, transport systems, buildings, places, parks and things that you use every day. We take an extensive look at harmful substances from your immediate living environment. We also look into your sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

High blood pressure, what does that say about your lifestyle?

In addition, we look at the measurable facts. Examples of these are blood pressure, heart rhythm, hormone levels, MRI scans and the symptoms, as viewed in the regular medical model. However, the weakness of this model is that they do not look at where these measurable facts and symptoms originated from. You can measure what you want and they can tell you how good or bad your results are. However, the support you really need is the knowledge of all possible stressors and why and how you can change your behaviour. In order to fid out about this you must first go to your subjective and collective beliefs, and to the influence of your external environment.

Heal yourself from within

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