My vision on chronic diseases

Pills and surgeriesWe need a new model of health care. A model that is revolutionizing the way we’re going to prevent and deal with chronic diseases.

My vision is to completely transform our current way of thinking in diseases, complaints and treatments. It should be transformed into some kind of holistic health model in which the self-healing capacity of the entire body is restored and activated.

Worldwide we see an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, cancer and other physical and mental diseases. With this happening we cannot and must not continue to use pills only.

Healing takes time and therefore requires extensive research. You have to ask yourself why you have developed symptoms in the first place. Only then will you be able to make all the necessary lifelong adjustments to work on your optimal and lasting recovery.

If you have been on the unhealthy autopilot for years, you cannot expect life-long changes with a dietitian in a few hours. Moreover, it is not only food that needs attention. This is not done overnight. It is a lifestyle that you consciously choose, so that you can live your life step by step the way you want it to be.

I want to make healthcare more personal, everyone is unique. The root causes can trigger all kinds of chronic physical and mental illnesses. But where the stressors come from must be investigated individually.