I wanted to recover from psoriasis and an underactive thyroid gland without any medication


How Psoriasis controlled my life

Around the age of 37 psoriasis spots developed on my lower legs, elbows and scalp. I found the large placards on my legs to be the worst. I always felt a lot of itching and pain there, and I always had to keep myself from scratching all te time. Moreover, I was greatly saddened that my skin looked so red and flaky. Especially in the summer with a skirt or dress on, I felt very insecure about that. I often put on long pants. When I would go to the swimming pool with Frédérique and Pieter, our 2 children, I saw how people looked at my legs.

“Intuition is knowing without knowing”

Of course I had been to my doctor. He prescribed a medicinal ointment and advised me to go on holiday to get some much needed sun. I had picked up the ointment at the pharmacy, but after reading the leaflet I decided not to apply it, because of all the possible side effects.

My intuition told me that there had to be another solution, a natural solution without any side effects. I was convinced that the psoriasis would eventually disappear. After all, I had beautiful skin until I was 37 years old.


What I did to get rid of my psoriasis

  1. Sun, sea and relaxation
    In the winter I would always have much more problems. Because of the big differences in temperature my skin would dry out even more and the spots became more fiery. The advice of my doctor to go on holiday  and sit in the sun was the best advice I received from him. On these vacations by the sea I always noticed improvement, because sun – vitamin D, sea – minerals and relaxation – no stress – soothed my skin.
  2. Cream

    To relieve the itching and pain, I’d apply cream based on dead sea salt. This would make my skin temporarily greasier and therefore it felt a bit less sore and painful. Although this cream had no negative side effects, it also did not offer any real cure.

“In my bare body I had to stand in a cabin with a helmet on”

  1. Light therapy

    A dermatologist advised me to start an ultraviolet light treatment, so I did. In my bare body I had to stand in a cabin with a helmet on. After each treatment I would walk out of it like a red lobster, which made me feel worse. I was so scared I would get burned that I soon decided to stop.

How my complaints increased and I got overwhelmed by fatigue

A few years later another syptom arose:  I got so tired during the day that I often “had to” take a nap in the afternoon. This symptom led me to my doctor once again. The blood results showed that I had a slow-working thyroid gland. He prescribed pills, but I was not confident these pills were going to help me and I decided not to take them. 

The total truth about chronic diseases and complaints

In addition to my search for a natural solution for psoriasis, I also started searching for the causes of a slow-acting thyroid gland.

Due to intensive investigations, I soon ended up with international health authorities and started following progressive doctors. By reading many scientific studies and following many scientists, doctors and various specialists, I gained a variety of insights, through which I slowly discovered all the puzzle pieces to wholeness. For example, I gained extensive knowledge about:

  • the living conditions of different population groups and their health, vitality and happiness.
  • which factors influence the functioning of our genes, a field of research called epigenetics.
  • the influence of epigenetic factors on our microbiome and our gut health.

“Precious is the wisdom obtained through experience “Robert Ascham

Years of study and experience have not only been valuable in optimizing my own health and vitality, but also that of my partner and our two dear children. This basic knowledge and lifestyle is also of vital importance for generations after us.

I think it’s great that I

  • never again experience inexplicably tiredness
  • no longer have any hair loss
  • have a healthy bowel movement again
  • no longer suffer from dry, itchy and sore skin
  • I am automatically slimmer
  • I feel clear, vital and happy both physically and mentally;

The psoriasis on my legs has disappeared a few years ago and I am happy to see healthy skin appear on the stubborn areas of my scalp and elbows. This does not match what is often written about psoriasis, a slow-acting thyroid gland and all chronic (auto) immune related diseases.

Why I founded Happy Habits

In order to share my mission and vision on medicine, I have founded Happy Habits. For this I have developed a holistic health model. With this model I can easily share all my golden tips, knowledge and experience with you.

I am very happy that I have recovered without using any regular medication and in the meantime I have gained so much knowledge and insights. Sometimes I wonder how I would have felt if I had only lubricated ointment and swallowed pills for all those years? I am sure that my symptoms would’ve increased and that I had developed even more symptoms and negative side effects, because inflammation can occur anywhere in the body.

Don’t wait for your symptoms to increase, but make sure you take control of your own health in consultation with your doctor. Chronic pain, stress, discomfort, uncertainty and sadness also disappear with you if you now decide to invest in the development of fun, tasty and healthy habits.

I am so passionate because everyone can do this

With this positive message, I would like it if you were inspired by this. My life has changed completely and I am very excited to help you, so that you can also give your body the chance to repair itself.

I promise you, it’s really not complicated

Are you open to up-to-date knowledge and ancient wisdom combined together to get you to optimal health? And are you willing to tackle everything to get rid of your chronic diseases and complaints? Then don’t wait any longer. Call me directly or leave a message below.


Healthy greetings,