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Alan Boswell from Siam solutions about Moringa Olifera: I never realised that a plant could have so much beneficial nutrients. Asking people back home, I realised that no one in the UK had even heard of this incredible plant. It was also while here in the jungle villages that I realised how different their diet is. Different in the fact that it contains very little processed food or chemicals. Then it dawned on me why the west is getting sicker, it is obvious with hindsight, but people just go on with the same old routine and doing what big corporations tell them. It is time we fought back, tell people there is a better way, a healthier way. That is why I thought that this programme would be the fastest way into the market because there is a definite need for Moringa.

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Special thanks to Dishes & Deco and Nablus Sweets for their beautiful tableware.